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Libya’s Refugees in Lampedusa

A short snippet from “After Liberation, Nowhere to Run,” by William Wheeler and Ayman Oghanna, for the New York Times: IN late March, as Libya’s civil war raged, loyalist soldiers forced Abu Kurke, a 23-year-old political refugee from Ethiopia, onto … Continue reading

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Tunisian Migration, during and after the Jasmine Revolution

France 24 has produced two small, yet insightful documentaries entitled, “A One-way Ticket Out of Tunisia” and the “The ‘French Dream’ of Tunisia’s Illegal Immigrants,” respectively. The former documentary focuses on exploring the root causes spurring Tunisian migration to Europe, … Continue reading

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Italy’s Northern League Party to Send Libyans Home

One party in Italy, a country which once colonized Libya and was an ally of Muammar al-Gaddafi, sees no reason to keep the Libyan immigrants in their country. They are the Northern League party. They, of course, are not alone. … Continue reading

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“Middle East and North Africa will need to create 25 million new jobs and sustain an average growth rate.”

“Fact 25 to 500 million new jobs needed in Middle East and North Africa over next decade,” by John Cookson, for CNN: Tunisia’s election is being praised as a promising start to political reform, but the success of the Arab … Continue reading

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The al-Nahda Party and the European Union

Raw video of al-Nahda party by Al Jazeera English: Election polls in Tunisia are indicating that the prospective winner will be the al-Nahda (also spelled as Ennahda), a modern Islamist movement where they seek to combine secular and Islamic principles. … Continue reading

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