Elections in Tunisia

After ten months into the ‘Arab Spring’, on Monday, October 24, the first free democratic election will occur in the very place where the spark for change in the Arab world began: Tunisia. These elections, whatever the outcome may be, could either lead to a prosperous, democratic, and economically viable state, or just another dictatorship where an elite few control the future of the country. The fate of Tunisia rests with the people, who have  gone out to cast their votes amongst several competing parties, two of which are considered major players: Ennahda, a party with a somewhat religious tone, and the Progress Democratic Party (PDP), a party that espouses more secular-based and progressive attitudes. Al-Jazeera has produced a short report on the two parties here:

Whichever party wins, a strong emphasis must be placed on the economy of Tunisia, with the major objective of reducing the unemployment levels in order to prevent further migrants from crossing the Mediterranean in the hopes of finding a new life in Europe–a continent which itself is facing immense economic volatility. It is also pertinent to address and implement practical solutions to the economic crisis in order to prevent social unrest. A short report by Al Jazeera shows that the aforementioned Ennadha party may offer economic growth to disenfranchised Tunisians while, PDP offers progressive rights for women and more freedom:

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