Italy’s Northern League Party to Send Libyans Home

One party in Italy, a country which once colonized Libya and was an ally of Muammar al-Gaddafi, sees no reason to keep the Libyan immigrants in their country. They are the Northern League party. They, of course, are not alone. There are probably other parties out there, but I wish to focus on them. They have strong anti-Islamic and anti-immigration viewpoints, which effectively bolsters their party’s nationalism. Here is a small report by Press TV illustrating their provocative actions towards Italian Muslims:

This article, although focuses on the Eurozone crisis, actually discusses the Northern League’s attempt to expel the Libyan migrants who arrived there after the fall of Gaddafi. “Rome wrestles with drastic cuts,” by Michael Day, for the Independent:

Italy’s Northern League is often dismissed as a populist rabble of right-wing, xenophobic opportunists…

The Northern League can certainly appear crude and Mr Bossi wastes no time on presentation skills. As the world learnt of Muammar Gaddafi’s death, even Mr Berlusconi, who is not known for his diplomatic skills, had a stab at statesmanship, intoning in latin: “Sic transit gloria mundi,” (“Thus passes the glory of the world”).

But Mr Bossi merely spat out the rather less classical: “Now we can send all the Libyan immigrants home.”

The reasons for the party’s xenophobic reputation are clear enough. In 2009, in Operation White Christmas, the Northern League mayor of Coccaglio, Franco Claretti, attempted to round up as many non-European illegal immigrants as possible before New Year’s Eve. For every Mayor Claretti, however, there are smarter League politicians. Italy’s Interior Minister is Roberto Maroni. Seeing him in such a powerful job partly explains why the League, which has proved an unreliable ally to Mr Berlusconi in the past, has been reluctant to undermine his lame-duck administration.

And, despite its much-publicised anti-immigration stance, the League is not truly a right-wing party. Its supporters are in the main working class, centre-left voters, recruited in the 1980s on the back of rising discontent with what they saw as a corrupt central government dishing out their taxes to the lazy south of Italy.

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  1. amiruljepara says:

    waw.. I’m soo sad look thats video..

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