Greece and Immigration

In a recent post, I introduced an article by EuroActive which discussed the impact of the ‘Arab Spring’ on Greece, particularly in the area of immigration. The issue of immigration in Greece is a hot one, but it is usually overshadowed by the economic crises occurring there. Nevertheless, like France and Italy, Greece also has far parties that hold similar anti-immigrant stances. In 2009, according to the Economist, “far-right protesters tried to storm a former court building in Athens that is a squalid home for 600 immigrants.” It resulted in police injuries and arrests of immigrants. With the economy of Greece collapsing and the future of its people in disarray, hostility is directed towards immigrants, who are seen as usurping Greece’s jobs. This, of course, is further exacerbated by right wing parties currently operating in Greece. Al-Jazeera English has created a short segment on this issue in 2010:

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