Italy Bracing For Syrian Refugees

The regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria has led to nothing but devastation. Aside from the mass murders, kidnappings, and aerial bombardments, there have also been the issue of refugees in Syria. These groups of people are fleeing from the violence, and there are predictions that they may arrive in the Italian island of Lampedusa.

“UNHCR: Syrian Refugees May Try to Reach Italy By Sea,” for Now Lebanon:

The UN’s refugee agency warned Wednesday that Syrians fleeing civil unrest may try to reach Italy by sea and called for Rome to prepare its refugee center on Lampedusa island before an emergency hits.

The agency said more than 1,000 Syrian refugees had already arrived in Libya, which has long been used as a launching point for economic migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean to Italy.

“Syrians today are on the run. Over a thousand have already arrived in Libya, along with those people who are still fleeing countries like Somalia,” Laura Boldrini, UNHCR spokesperson, said at a press conference in Rome.

“We cannot wait for a constant flux of refugees washing up on Italy’s shores before we announce an emergency, the government has to act now to prepare Lampedusa for more boat-loads of people arriving from Libya,” she said…

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