Five dead as Migrants Travel to Lampedusa

“Italy rescues hundreds of migrants off Lampedusa, five dead,” by Agence-France Presse:

Rescue services came to the aid of some 300 migrants aboard three boats near Lampedusa island Saturday as five people were found dead in one of the rickety vessels off Italy’s southernmost tip.

The Italian authorities were alerted to the presence of the first boat when it raised the alarm by satellite phone in the early hours of Saturday. Of the 57 people aboard, five were found dead, a coast guard spokesman said.

The migrants, who had set sail from Libya in a seven-metre (23-foot) dinghy, were in a poor condition after days at sea and were taken to Lampedusa for urgent medical care, he said.

“They appear to be from sub-Saharan Africa. There is a health emergency. Some of the immigrants are in a serious condition and there are two pregnant women,” said Giuseppe Cannarile, a lieutenant with the island’s coastguard…

Authorities later received a second emergency call from a boat carrying migrants which was sinking some 90 nautical miles from Lampedusa with 107 people aboard, including women and children, according to the ANSA news agency…

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