Lega Nord’s Leader, Umberto Bossi, Resigns

“Italian Populist Party Leader Who Once Backed Berlusconi Quits, Ending An Era,” by Rachel Donadio, for the New York Times:

Umberto Bossi, the colorful leader of a populist party best known for its anti-immigrant rhetoric, resigned on Thursday amid a widening scandal of illegal party financing…

After similar recent corruption scandals in a left-wing party, the news was a further sign of the political uncertainty in Italy today, which is marked by a growing divide between the political parties and the rest of society — under the shadow of an economic crisis whose depth and breadth Italians have only recently begun to grasp…

The scandal has dealt a particularly significant blow to the Northern League, which Mr. Bossi helped found as a protest movement against what he saw as the corruption of the existing political parties and the crime-ridden Italian south. Founded in 1987, it is now the oldest political party in Italy.

After the collapse of the postwar political order of Communists, Christian Democrats and Socialists in the early 1990s, the Northern League gained a foothold especially among the working class in northern Italy, the country’s economic engine. It gained momentum over the years with its populist rhetoric not only against the south, which Mr. Bossi said was draining northern Italians’ hard-earned tax dollars, but also against immigrants…

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