Projections of New Flow of Migrants from Libya

This story emerges after a Libyan minister arrived in Rome and warned that African migrants were moving towards the Egyptian-Libyan border in the effort of making their way to Europe:

“For the moment, the situation is not too bad but we have had indications that it could worsen. African immigrants have arrived at the Egyptian-Libyan border,” he told reporters at a news conference with Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi.”…

“Immigration: Caritas warns, new flow from Libya soon,” from ANSA Med:

”When the weather is good, thousands are ready to come to Italy. The country must prepare to deal with this flow from North Africa,” said Oliviero Forte, head of the Immigration Office of Caritas Italy, referring to Libya in particular. He issued this warning this morning during the 3-day conference MigraMed 2012 in Cagliari, which focuses on the emergency of refugees with the Caritas organisations in the Mediterranean area.

Lampedusa is still the most attractive port for migrants arriving over sea, but the Sardinian coasts could also draw many African refugees once again. ”The transitional government in Libya is unable to manage the flow of migrants,” said Forti, ”and although this is not a mass exodus as happened during the Arab Spring, the phenomenon will still overload an already saturated reception system.” Therefore Caritas Italy and the diocesan Caritas network urge the institutions to grant refugees who come to Italy in the context of the national emergency plan for North Africa a temporary permit for humanitarian reasons…

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