Switzerland’s Immigrant Barriers

“As Europe Reels, Switzerland Builds New Barriers Against Immigrants,” by Helena Bachmann for Time Magazine:

Nestled in the heart of Europe, but with a mind-set that sets it apart from its neighbors, Switzerland has avoided much of the turbulence that roiled Europe over the past century — from wars to economic strife. But now its ability to remain neutral about the fate of the rest of the continent is under threat. Rising unemployment in the euro zone and the wider E.U., in stark contrast to Switzerland’s own prosperity, has pushed immigration to unsustainable levels — about 80,000 new immigrants from the E.U. every year, according to Swiss authorities. Last week, the seven-member Federal Council, which serves as Switzerland’s collective head of state, announced that starting on May 1 it would introduce quotas on long-term residence permits to make immigration “more acceptable to society and compatible with its needs.”…

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