EU Commisioner Criticizes Greece’s Syrian Refugee Treatment

“EU Commissioner Criticizes Greece for Refusing Syrians Asylum” from Reuters:

The European Union’s top immigration official criticized Greece on Tuesday for refusing asylum to Syrian refugees and detaining other migrants that flock to its borders under “unacceptable” conditions.

Greece, the main gateway into the EU for migrants from Asia and the Middle East, arrested more than 8,000 Syrian refugees last year for illegally crossing into the country…

Also, a relevant article published not too long ago about the same subject: “Fleeing Syria, Refugees Arrive to a Different King of Hell in Greece,” by Lauren Bird for the Atlantic:

There were more people than seatbelts in the black Kia Sportage, so Reema Ayoub sat on her father’s lap. The 6-year-old’s hands held on to the dashboard as she watched Athens pass by from the motorway. She had just left Hygeia, a private hospital in Athens where she spent 15 days recovering from surgery needed after being shot in the civil war in Syria.

In the driver’s seat is Dr. Maarouf Alobeid, but they all call him The Doctor. He performed Reema’s surgery for free after her father told him their story by email.

Past abandoned buildings and empty car showrooms, The Doctor drives Reema and her father Samer to the one-bedroom flat where they’ll stay with Mouhanad Badawi, another Syrian who’s lived in Athens for six years working as a painter. He invited Reema and Samer to stay with him when he found them living in a smuggler’s flat….

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