Lampedusa Centres Overwhelmed

“Lampedusa centre crammed, boat people flock in,” by Ansamed:

Launched in boats from northern Africa across the Strait of Sicily, more than a thousand migrants have flocked to Italian coasts in the last two days in a flood that has left the migrant holding centre on the southern Italian island of Lampedusa crammed well beyond capacity. Built to accommodate a maximum of 300 people, the Lampedusa centre is now packed with 855 people, and more are on the way. On Monday, a boat carrying 200 Eritrean refugees sent an SOS signal because the vessel is adrift and a woman is about to give birth on board. Two more boats, an inflatable with 40 people aboard and a boat carrying 110 Somalis, are heading to Italy from Libyan waters.

Italian Coast and Finance Guard bulletins are being updated on the hour as more signals come in and rescuers fan out to save lives all along the coast from Lampedusa to Capo Passero…

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