Malta’s Institutionalized Discrimination Against Migrants

“Regular migrants face institutional discrimination, study finds,” by Raphael Vassallo for MaltaToday:

This emerges from an undergraduate study of the economic conrtibution of third country nationals (TCN) in Malta, authored by local student Charity Ofame: herself a TCN, having migrated here through regular channels from Nigeria 10 years ago.

Although the primary scope is to evluate the demand and supply side of the immigrant labour market, the dissertation also takes in the curent legislative framework that Malta applies to applications for visas, work permits, temporary and/or permanent residency permits and ultimately citizenship.

Interviews with third country nationals who passed through any of the above processes reveal frequent complaints about policies which appear designed to prevent regular migrants from obtaining permanent residency – even if they are fully entitled to it according to EU law; and in some cases have been contributing to the economy for 20 years or more…

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