Beachgoers Rescue Migrants in Sicily

I guess when Pope Francis came to deliver his remarks in Lampedusa, Italy, about the “globalization of indifference” towards migrants, he did strike a reverberating chord with many ordinary Italians to be sensitive and understanding of their plight. It also, consequently, spurred them into action.

“Italian president Giorgio Nepolitano hails Sicily’s migrant rescuers,” from Euronews:

Italian president Giorgio Napolitano has praised those who helped Syrian refugees ashore in Sicily.

Bathers near Pachino in south-east Sicily helped the coastguard rescue about 160 migrants.

Napolitano said: “The images aired by television channels of dozens of swimmers that from the beach pushed out generously to assist refugees coming from Syria, many of which were children, to reach the shore and safety, do Italy proud.

“This shows how, when faced by tragedy – which is experienced on a daily basis on (the stepping-stone island of) Lampedusa and elsewhere with arrivals of those escaping from wars and persecutions – a sense of humanity and solidarity prevails in Italians, stronger than any sense of prejudice of fear.”…

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