Malta Recieved €84.9m in Aid from European Union

“Malta received €84.9m from EU to deal with migration,” by David Lindsay for the Malta Independent:

Malta has received €84.96 million, an average of €12.1 million a year, from European Union funds since 2007 to help it deal with migrant influxes, European Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström confirmed on Tuesday in reply to a European Parliamentary question tabled by Maltese MEP Joseph Cuschieri.

On 10 July, Mr Cuschieri had pointed to the migrant arrivals on 3 and 9 July, which had seen 390 migrants being rescued and brought ashore to Malta, and which had also prompted the government to threaten to send the arrivals back to Libya.

In his question, Mr Cuschieri had asked the Commission how it intended to “alleviate the plight of Malta and other countries facing a similar situation” and for details of how the Commission was “prepared to assist the Maltese islands in dealing with this emerging crisis scenario”.

In a reply furnished on Tuesday, Commissioner Malmström said that the Commission “is fully aware of the particular pressures facing Malta’s immigration system with the arrival of a high number of migrants on Maltese shores. The Commission also recognises that Malta receives the largest number of asylum applicants as a percentage of the population of any member state within the EU.”…

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