Syrian Refugees Flee Conflict and Land in Italy

With the international community on standby for the results of the United Nations inspection of the alleged use of chemical weapons on innocent civilians by the al-Assad regime, Syrians migrants continue to flee the conflict across the Mediterranean seeking safety and security. They, of course, are not alone as migrants are arriving from Eritrea, Tunisia, and Somalia amongst other troubled nations.

“Syrian refugees land in Italy,” from ANSAmed:

More Syrian refugees landed on Italian shores over the weekend in a humanitarian crisis that appears to be spilling even into Europe’s lap. Ninety-eight refugees from Syria on Saturday were intercepted by a patrol of Frontex, the European agency for cooperation and management of EU borders. They were aboard a ship at sea about 40 miles south of the Sicilian coastal town of Porto Palo.

Twenty-five children and eight women were aboard.

The Syrian refugees were among hundreds this weekend alone from distressed countries – Tunisia, Eritrea and Somalia – who risked their lives in dodgy vessels to be rescued near or found on Italian shores…

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