Response from a Visitor

A visitor of this website has reached out to inform me about his Palestinian relatives that had been detained by Italian authorities after fleeing the conflict in Syria. The treatment of his relatives is described in his e-mail below:


Hope this email finds you well. Regarding the 3 boats which  were rescued yesterday and now they are in Catania in an area called Small City Cannizzaro. I have some Palestinian relatives from Syria who are there among the hundreds of emigrants. I was just told by them that the police is forcing them to give their finger prints . The police beated some of them and took their finger prints. Many of them are refusing to give finger prints without success. They have declared hunger strike.

I just wanted to share this information with you

If anyone else knows anyone that has been detained by Italian authorities in recent weeks and have personal accounts of their experiences, please do not hesitate to me at:

Please do your part and share this post so we can raise awareness about the plight of Syrian migrants.

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