African Migrants Attempt to Cross European Borders

“Africans leap daunting barrier to European dreams,” from AFP:

Growing numbers of Africans are taking a daunting test to enter to Europe: leaping a towering, triple-layer security fence and trying to race across before rapid-deployment police guards can catch them.

A vast security operation has failed to deter the would-be migrants attempting to reach the Spanish territories of Ceuta and Melilla, cities that lie on the northern coast of Morocco and offer the only land border between Africa and Europe.

At dawn in Melilla, Spanish Guardia Civil police peer through powerful night-vision binoculars at the 11-kilometre (seven-mile) long, seven-metre (23-foot) high fence that loops around the city until it reaches the Mediterranean coast.

Surveillance cameras watch over the three layers of fencing, which is lit up along its entire length to help spot migrants.

On the other side, plunged in darkness, stands Mount Gurugu where hundreds of African migrants lie in wait for the right moment to make a dash for European soil…

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