Sweden Offers Asylum to Syrian Refugees

“Sweden’s asylum offer to refugees from Syria,” by Chris Morris for the BBC:

“We’re busy, always busy.” It has been a hectic few weeks at the migrant reception centre in Marsta, near Arlanda airport just north of Stockholm.

The number of new arrivals in this nondescript building has risen dramatically since the beginning of last month, when the Swedish authorities announced that Syrians seeking asylum would be granted permanent residency.

No other country in the EU has followed Sweden’s lead, even as the worst refugee crisis since World War II unfolds on Europe’s doorstep.

So this is now the most sought-after destination in Europe for Syrians fleeing from conflict.

“We’re looking for somewhere safe,” says Khaled Ibn Khaled, a stateless Palestinian who escaped from Syria last month with his cousins, via Egypt and Sicily en route to the Swedish capital…

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