Interview with Libyan Captain about Migrant Journeys

“Libya struggles to stem migrant flow,” by Essam Mohamed for Magharebia:

Magharebia: How long has this centre been open?

Al-Ghrabli: It was created in July 2012 by the interior ministry. Ever since, it has received more than 4,000 illegal immigrants. Of those immigrants, 2,136 have already been deported, while the rest come from Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia where there are wars and disasters. Therefore, I call on the world to look at their situation and to help them.

Magharebia: How are migrants smuggled?

Al-Ghrabli: Sabratha has large beaches where they are smuggled to Europe. Smugglers have become very professional. Illegal immigrants are first installed at jobs in popular markets and car wash stations, and are then given a date to gather on the beach.

To deal with that, we launch surprise raids through information-collecting and investigation teams and arrest teams. Two days ago, we found a boat loaded with 84 illegal immigrants from Senegal, Nigeria, Guinea and Gambia…

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