Press TV Interview with Don Flynn, Director, Migrants Rights Network (MRN) from London

“Many Africans forced to migrate by EU actions: D. Flynn,” transcript interview from Press TV (click link for video interview):

Press TV: You have written about this saying that African migrants aren’t just fleeing to Europe, they’re fleeing from Europe’s legacy in Africa. So you see this as a more European problem do you?

Flynn: I agree very much with what Alice (Alice Ukoko, Founder of Women of Africa) has said. What we’re dealing with here is not only the question of poverty, but it’s also the question of development… but a particular type of development.

A development that we see for example in Ethiopia at the moment where there are giant hydro-electric dams being built in the south east of the country. A big step in the direction of modernity and economic development, but displacing tens of thousands of traditional people living in that area with no obvious jobs being created.

Press TV: It’s not just the traditional people who are leaving, it’s often the well educated, it’s often the urban people who are trying to get out of the country.

Flynn: That’s exactly right. The example of Ghana illustrates that. Last year the economy grew by 7 percent, the year before that it was 14 percent. One quarter of a million people entered the jobs market in Ghana, of whom only 2 percent found jobs there.

And these are the educated [ones]; these are the kids who have done exactly what they were supposed to do – they’ve invested in their education, they’ve done their best and the jobs aren’t there for them.

In those circumstances it is no surprise that these people see themselves looking for a future, they can’t find it in their own country, they have to move elsewhere…

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