Riace: the Italian Village that Embraces Immigrants

“Riace, the village that loves immigrants,” by John Laurenson for Deutsche-Welle:

As the sun comes up on the little village of Riace on the southern coast of Italy, two men leading two donkeys pulling two carts make their way through the narrow streets. It’s Riace’s eco-traditional refuse collection.

Only of the men is Italian. Romano’s ancestors built this village a thousand years ago, five miles back from the sea to make it less vulnerable to pirate raids. The other man is an immigrant.

Many Italians still see the people who “come from the sea”, as they put it here, as a threat. In another Calabrian village, Rosarno, there have been clashes between local people and immigrant farm workers. But this is not the way in Riace. The man working with Romano is one of the 300 people living in this village of 1,700 that “come from the sea.”…

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