Greece’s EU Presidency Aims for Burden Sharing

“EU presidency aims for immigration burden sharing,” from ANSAmed:

The Greek six-month EU rotating presidency will work to draw up a clause for immigration burden sharing and to get past the lingering resistance to the idea of many countries, said Public Order Minister Nikolaos-Georgios Dendias.

Greeks expect a resumption of migration flows in the spring, if for no other reason than climatic factors, and are aiming to draw up rules for Frontex intervention to stem the tide and prevent further tragedies at sea. The Greek presidency, concerned at least as much as Italy (which will take on the presidency on July 1), is determined to keep the issue of immigration on the EU agenda.

The minister said in a press conference that an agreement had to be achieved on the measures to share the burden of undocumented migrants unable to return to their home countries among EU nations. The clause could operate on the basis of the application of parameters such as GDP, population, etc. ”The important thing is to keep the debate open,” he added. ‘

‘We can’t be overly optimistic, given that many countries are very much against the idea.” Interior Minister Yiannis Michelakis said that ”solidarity should translate into stable, permanent mechanisms” for more equitable burden sharing between the countries hit the hardest and their EU partners. Greece’s EU presidency also intends to achieve more concrete and effective integration policies, as well as to facilitate the entrance of researchers, students, and legal immigration flows…

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