Greece Builds Wall To Stop Illegal Migration

“Greece builds wall to stop illegal immigration,” by Grigory Milenin for the Voice of Russia:

Greece has built a wall on its border with Turkey to ensure protection against illegal immigrants. Will it become a serious obstacle for them? Migrants from Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia are longing to go to Greece. Despite the fact that there are countries richer than Greece, the latter serves as a tramp for all those who want to make their way to these countries, Head of the Centre for Economic Studies at the Institute for Globalization Studies and Social Movements Vasily Koltashov says.

“There are many migrants, including legal migrants, in Greece, and quite a number of them are trying to get out of the country where the economic situation is very bad, and thus, the country does not seem very attractive for them. Many of them are regarding Greece as a bridge for slipping into far more prosperous, as it seems to them, countries of Northern Europe – Germany, Belgium, and Holland.”…

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