Spain Deporting Migrants Back to Morocco

“Spain deporting migrants back to Morocco on the spot,” by Tony Ramos for El Pais:

Six days after the latest massive run on the Melilla border fence, around 200 Africans tried a new jump on Thursday morning.

The Moroccan gendarmes prevented most of the sub-Saharans from crossing into Spanish territory, but 27 of them managed to climb atop the fence separating Morocco from this Spanish exclave. There they remained for over six hours, expressing joy at what they believed was the success of their enterprise with cries of “Freedom! Freedom!” as many fellow migrants had before them.

But this time, reaching the top of the fence did not automatically mean being taken to a holding center in Spain for emergency medical care, food and shelter. While one of the migrants was taken to hospital, the other 26 were marched right back to the Moroccan side. Existing bilateral agreements between Spain and Morocco regarding readmission of migrants involve paperwork that prevent law enforcement officers from turning back illegal aliens straight away without identifying them first…

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