Eritrean Migrants Undertake Many Risks for Life in Europe

“Eritrean migrants risk detentions and beatings in Libya for a life in Europe,” by Nancy Porsia for the Guardian:

The migrant had been inside the wire of the Libyan detention centre for just 10 minutes when the beatings began. Picked up by police in Tripoli he knew that, without money or papers, and from Eritrea, he was at the bottom of the pecking order.

“They beat me for hours. They were not violent with everyone, but with me, yes,” he said. “After the beatings, I was separated from the others and put in isolation. It was a little cell, with nothing, for two weeks.”The detention centre at Gharyan in Nafusa mountains, 100 miles south-west of the capital, is notorious for allegations of mistreatment.

Like most of Libya’s 19 migrant detention centres, each holding up to 6,000 people, Gharyan is also packed to overflowing. Yet the centres are the country’s only answer to the tide of migrants arriving in the hope of getting to Europe…

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