Migrant Lives in Calais

“Inside the Calais makeshift migrant camps,” by Mark Townsend for the Guardian:

It requires expert timing, courage and a huge amount of luck. As lorries start to slow on the Rue des Garennes before a sharp right towards the port, those crouching in the shadows nearby must act quickly; several seconds is all they have to scramble across the road, prise open the vehicle’s rear doors and squeeze inside.

The Rue des Garennes intersection is one among dozens of identifiable points where, between midnight and dawn, migrants – motivated by dreams of a new life in Britain – play cat-and-mouse with the French authorities as they attempt to infiltrate the port of Calais.


The French town’s migrant population is growing steadily. Latest estimates reveal that their numbers have doubled to around 1,200 since the spring. Their makeshift tent and tarpaulin camps, known as “jungles”, are increasingly conspicuous, and antagonising the port town’s politicians. Calais has had enough…

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