Festival for Mediterranean Citizenship in Lampedusa

“Sabir Festival on Lampedusa for Mediterranean Citizenship,” from ANSAmed:

The Sabir Festival of Mediterranean cultures will seek to promote the idea of Lampedusa as the door to Europe, and not only a symbol of the tragedy of migrants fleeing wars and hardship.


To be held October 1-5, the festival is sponsored by ARCI, the October 3rd Committee, and the Lampedusa city council, under the aegis of the Prime Minister’s Office and Italian state broadcaster RAI. The cultural and political event will be international, with participation from both civil society and institutions. It takes its name from ‘Sabir’, the lingua franca in which navigators and coastal populations communicated from the Middle Ages to the 19th century in the Mediterranean Sea, and will seek to shape a new idea of Mediterranean citizenship and promote solidarity and a welcoming attitude towards those fleeing war and poverty, and not focus simply on emergency interventions…

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