The Fateful Voyage Across the Med

“Med becomes a no-man’s land for migrants,” by Tom Burgis, Lobna Monieb and James Politi from the Financial Times:

Mohanad Luthon was in good spirits when he called his uncle on the evening of September 7, a day into the crossing from North Africa to Europe. “We are at sea and everything’s going fine,” he told Onur Cinar, who, like his nephew, comes from Gaza, but has spent the past two decades in Baltimore.

“In two to three days we will be in Italy,” the 30-year-old mechanic predicted. From there he was hoping to make it to Sweden on the last leg of a 5,000km journey from war and penury to a dream of prosperity and peace. The connection dropped. It was the last time Mr Cinar would hear his nephew’s voice…

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