29 Migrants Die After Rescue

“Migrants Are Plucked From Sea Off Libya, But 29 Die Aboard Italian Rescue Ships,” by Gaia Piangiani and Jim Yardley for the New York Times:

Twenty-nine migrants who were rescued alive in rough seas off the Libyan coast died before the Italian Coast Guard could get them to shore, officials said on Monday.

Two coast guard ships responded to a distress call from a boat battered by huge waves, some as high as 25 feet, and crews managed to evacuate more than 100 migrants from the boat. But the authorities said many of the migrants were so badly weakened by exhaustion and exposure that they did not survive much longer.

“They perished during the trip, despite all the medical assistance and all the efforts we made,” said Cmdr. Filippo Marini, a spokesman for the coast guard. “They were devastated by the weather and sea conditions, and by the trip they had undertaken just to reach their boat.”…

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