Migrants’ Freezing Deaths Spur EU Patrols

“Migrants’ Freezing Deaths Pressure EU Mediterranean Patrols,” by Henry Ridgwell for VOA:

In temperatures close to freezing and waves eight meters high, the Italian coast guard vessels took the migrants on board.

Several had already died from exposure to ocean waters, but many more succumbed to early-stage effects of hypothermia after 18 hours on the open-deck rescue boats.

As the coast guard vessels returned to the Italian island of Lampedusa early on Monday, body bags were loaded onto the dock in a grimly familiar sequence of events. At least 29 people had frozen to death trying to cross the Mediterranean from Libya in preceding days, just handful of the more than 100 migrants plucked from an inflatable life raft off the Libyan coast Sunday in the midst of extreme weather conditions…

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