Europe’s Migration Crises Cannot Be Stemmed at Sea

“Europe’s Migration Crises Cannot Be Solved at Sea, Analysts Say,” by Jim Yardley for the New York Times:

To human rights advocates, one of Europe’s biggest mistakes in the Mediterranean migration crisis came last November with the shutdown of the Italian patrol and rescue program known as Mare Nostrum. Led by the Italian Navy, the program saved thousands of migrants at sea.

But ending it, largely for budget reasons, had effects beyond scaling back humanitarian efforts. Even as the Italians were saving lives, they were using the program to identify and prosecute the smuggling networks behind the surge in human trafficking across the Mediterranean. The program helped Italian prosecutors convict more than 100 people for human smuggling and indict three smuggling bosses in Egypt.

Italian ships patrolled international waters — making it possible to capture some smugglers in the act — while police investigators were stationed onboard…

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