Over 2000 Migrants Attempt to Enter Britain

“Hundreds of Migrants Try to Clamber Onto Trains and Cross English Channel,” by Alissa J. Rubin for the New York Times:

Under cover of darkness, group after group of migrants made their way to the Eurotunnel compound in Calais, France, overnight on Monday, climbing over fences and other barriers in a desperate bid to board freight trains bound for Britain.

By 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday, the authorities had counted at least 2,100 efforts to enter the site, which is protected by Eurotunnel security and other law enforcement agencies. Nineteen hundred people were turned back; 200 were arrested and six were injured, the authorities said. It was not clear if any of the migrants actually got aboard the trains, which carry passenger cars and trucks under the English Channel to Britain.

“Some migrants must have tried several times” to penetrate the site, said Romain Dufour, a spokesman for Eurotunnel in France. “This wasn’t a wave, this was many groups, all night long,” he added. “It was more significant numbers than usual.”…

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