Thousands of Refugees Reach Austria

“Thousands of Migrants Reach Austria as New Group Sets Off,” by Alison Smale and Steven Erlanger for the New York Times:

An extraordinary march of migrants broke through Hungarian obstacles and reached Austria on Saturday morning after a night of frantic negotiations among German, Austrian and Hungarian officials cleared the way.

Austrian officials said that 6,500 migrants, many of them from Syria, had reached Austria by Saturday afternoon, and at least 2,200 were already on their way to Germany.

Overnight, some 4,500 exhausted migrants were bused to the Austrian border by a Hungarian government that gave up trying to stop them and instead decided to help them travel in safety. It was the culmination of 10 days of tragedy and emotion that at last caught the world’s attention as war and chaos in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East set off one of the largest emigrations since World War II…

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