Weather Creates More Hurdles for Refugees

“Grueling Weather and Confusion Add to Migrants’ Woes,” by Palko Karasz and Dan Bilefsky for the New York Times:

Rain, misery and more confusion marked the continuing trek of migrants from Syria and other Middle Eastern nations across Europe on Thursday, as thousands endured a drenching downpour, the threat of resistance and changes in their ability to cross borders.

The asylum seekers were coping with conflicting messages from Europe, ranging from warm welcomes in some places to a series of new constraints on their ability to get where they want to go: Hungary mobilized its army on its border with Serbia as a prelude to an increased role for the military in its response; Austria halted its rail service across the border with Hungary under the strain of the migration influx; and a leading far-right politician in the Netherlands warned of an “Islamic invasion.”

The sometimes-wrenching changes from day to day only underscored the lack of unity throughout Europe, the day after a top European Union official called for the member nations to put aside their differences and commit to a series of unified responses to Europe’s worst humanitarian crisis in decades…

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