Brutal Smuggler Tactics Revealed After Migrant Deaths in Austria

“Migrant Suffocation in Truck Near Hungary Reveal Tactics of Smugglers,” by David D. Kirkpatrick for the New York Times:

Austrian police officers found pungent fluid dripping from the back door of a meat truck that had been abandoned on a highway near the Hungarian border. Counting the tangled and decomposing bodies inside took the authorities more than a day.

Seventy-one migrants, four of them children, suffocated within about 90 minutes after they squeezed into the truck’s airless refrigeration chamber more than 24 hours earlier, investigators concluded.

The discovery, on Aug. 27, riveted attention on the human tidal wave of migrants crashing into Europe. It raised questions about both the cruelty of the smugglers and the desperation of their clients…

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