Migration and Border Control

“Forming an orderly queue,” from the Economist:

SYRIA’S five-year civil war has killed hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions more. It has sucked regional powers into a geopolitical vortex. It has inspired terrorists and fanatics, and exported violence to a historically volatile region. It has also given rise to Europe’s worst refugee crisis in recent times.

The numbers are, in themselves, not overwhelming: the European Union, with a population of 500m, received 1m illegal migrants last year, slightly fewer than the number of Syrian refugees accepted by Lebanon, which has only 5m people. But the chaos of the flows and the determination of migrants to reach a handful of wealthy countries has set governments against each other and opened cracks in Europe’s piecemeal approach to asylum. No country can resolve the problem alone. But most have responded by unilaterally closing borders and tightening asylum rules, leaving migrants to endure dangerous journeys at the hands of criminal smuggling networks—which elude every attempt at disruption…


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