Italy Steps Up Deportations

“Awash in Migrants, Italy Steps Up Deportations for Relief,” by Pierto Lombardi for the Wall Street Journal:

As Italy looks for fresh ways to cope with the hundreds of thousands of migrants bottled up in the country, one solution is rising to the top of the agenda: deportation.

The pressure on Rome to ease its migration problem is growing after the country saw a record 180,000 migrants arrive by boat last year, bringing the total of seaborne arrivals to about half a million since the start of 2014. The revelation that the Tunisian man accused of a deadly attack on a Berlin Christmas market had evaded an Italian expulsion order also has given Italy new impetus to toughen its stance…

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Italy Tightens Rules on Migrant Repatriation

“Italy tightens rules on migrant repatriation after mass arrivals,” by David Ghiglione for the Financial Times:

Italy is to step up measures to repatriate migrants who have no right to stay in the country, in a sign of the pressure facing authorities after an influx of people crossing the Mediterranean to reach Europe.

The country’s chief of police has asked officers nationwide to step up efforts to identify and repatriate migrants who are not entitled to asylum, while Italy will also open new identification centres to hold people before their expulsion.

The tougher migrant stance marks the first significant policy change under Paolo Gentiloni, the new prime minister, who took over after Matteo Renzi stepped down in December following his bruising defeat over a referendum on constitutional reform…



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The Mediterranean’s Trauma Ward: Italy


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Today is International Migrant Day: What’s being done?

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Guide to Europe’s Far Right Parties

“Europe’s Rising Far Right: A Guide to the Most Prominent Parties,” from New York Times:

Amid a migrant crisis, sluggish economic growth and growing disillusionment with the European Union, far-right parties — some longstanding, others newly formed — have been achieving electoral success in a number of European nations. Here is a quick guide to eight prominent far-right parties that have been making news; it is not a comprehensive list of all the Continent’s active far-right groups. The parties are listed by order of the populations of the countries where they are based….

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