Refugee Turned Rescuer

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Refugees in Brussels

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Swiss-Italian Becomes Flashpoint

“Swiss-Italian becomes flashpoint in Europe’s migrant crises,” by Brenna Hughes Neghaiwi for Reuters:

Nine months pregnant and desperate to cross from Italy into Switzerland after fleeing Ethiopia, a young woman along with her husband are among hundreds stranded by a Swiss border clampdown that is drawing international scrutiny.

Swiss authorities reject accusations they are violating would-be refugees’ rights to seek asylum. But a growing throng of migrants waiting near Como in northern Italy and aid workers tell a different story: The Swiss border is effectively closed.

“Wait here until we understand the situation,” volunteer Lisa Bosia Mirra told the Ethiopian couple, who did not give their names, after they sought her help with Swiss asylum applications. “One week at least.”…


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Greek Islands See Rising Number of Camps

“Greek islands see rising numbers in camps,” from the BBC:

Save the Children says the number of migrants arriving in the Greek islands has nearly doubled in recent weeks, putting pressure on overcrowded camps.

So far in August 1,367 arrivals have been reported in Greece compared with 1,721 in the entire month of May.

The charity says the increase is partly down to insecurity since the failed coup in Turkey last month…


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Child Refugees in Europe

“Europe Is Losing Track of Child Refugees,” by Joseph Ataman for the Wall Street Journal:

European governments are losing track of significant numbers of children who have entered the continent without their parents as refugees from war-torn areas in the Middle East and beyond.

In Belgium, authorities can’t account for 156 migrant children who entered the country unaccompanied since January 2015, and the number is growing. This year, 90 unaccompanied migrant children have been reported missing to Child Focus, Belgium’s center for missing and sexually exploited children.

The Belgian government has ensured that any minors in “difficult circumstances” have received assistance, said Sharon Beavis, a spokeswoman for the Justice Ministry. “The federal department of Justice remains committed to track, identify, register and assist any unaccompanied minors as best as possible,” she said…

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